Useful lab links

Various Epigenetics resources listed through Epigenie

Galaxy–For analyzing genomic data. Awesome resource.

SeqDoc–Sequencing chromatogram analyzer useful for searching for mutations. Compares test sequences against a reference sequence of yours and produces a visual display of specific nucleotide differences

Human Splicing Finder–Program that can analyze intronic and exonic sequence mutations and produce percent-wise results of how certain splice sites would be theoretically affected by the mutations.

UCSC Genome Browser–The gold-standard for finding gene and transcript sequences, reported SNPs and gene location.

BLASTn–Using FASTA format nucleotide sequences, analyzes the similarity of the sequence to the reference genome.

Primer 3–Non-pyrosequencing primer design. Quick and easy.

Bisearch–Electronic-PCR. Anneals designed Pyro primer sequences to a bisulfite converted reference genome.

Reverse Complement Generator–Generates the reverse complement of any nucleotide sequence, useful for finding sequences in Word or other text programs.

OMIM–Human disease/mutation info associated with any gene

Vassarstats–quick and easy stats